Defense Dept. Not Planning On Closing Security Hole That Resulted In Wikileaks Disclosure... Until 2013

from the but..-but...-kill-manning! dept

One of the big points that's been completely lost in the debate over Wikileaks and Bradley Manning allegedly leaking a bunch of government info to Wikileaks is just how easy it was to do so. Some reports have noted that millions of people had access to the same info, and it's quite likely that plenty of others "leaked" at least pieces of it (not necessarily to Wikileaks, but out into the world). Some are beginning to point out just how incredibly slow the Defense Department has been in trying to be more secure with its network. While they were quick to arrest Manning, actually doing something about how easy it was to leak took months. And, even worse, it looks like the major security holes in the system won't actually be closed until 2013. So, government leakers have a few more years...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Apr 2011 @ 8:52pm

    Re: Re:

    I'll go halfsies on it with ya.

    My fear is that the system would be the same as everything else congress gets to touch.

    We do not want this new plane, its a waste. But they ram the money and funding through and force it to continue to pay back some backroom deal.

    Someone gets a wise idea about what it SHOULD do from someones glossy presentation, and it gets diluted as things get shoved into it.

    The extra levels of security was mainly a dig about what was "classified" that was leaked in the Manning case. It is embarrassing but hardly handing out the names and locations of CIA operatives.

    While Manning might not have been able to review all of the information, some of what was contained in the leaks is a revelation that "our" Government is acting in ways that they themselves publicly denounce. That level of hypocrisy might have been enough to help motivate him further.

    It seems sad that it took being embarrassed like this to get them to actually take security seriously. And part of me wonders where did any money allocated to hardening their systems before get spent.

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