Senator Leahy Ignores Serious First Amendment Concerns With COICA

from the let's-define-this-more-clearly dept

As expected, Senator Patrick Leahy, who continues to be Hollywood's favorite Senator, has made it clear that he's going to reintroduce the COICA censorship bill, and he appears to be completely ignoring the very real First Amendment concerns that people have been raising by saying:
"There's no First Amendment right that protects thieves. It protects speech."
Seeing as he's a Senator, it would help if he were familiar with the law. As such, he would know that (1) copyright infringement is not "theft," and (2) yes, the First Amendment protects all kinds of speech, even speech made by criminals and (3) the Free Speech issues that many of us are concerned with are the takedowns of legitimate non-infringing content, which we've seen happen repeatedly by Homeland Security -- which is the type of program Leahy is looking to expand with COICA.

It's immensely frustrating that someone like Senator Leahy would flat-out mislead over these very serious concerns. Though, of course, I have some ideas why. Perhaps the fact that Time Warner and Walt Disney are the two largest contributors to his campaign, and Vivendi (owners of Universal Music), General Electric (until recently owners of Universal Studios) and Viacom are not far behind has something to do with it...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 5 Apr 2011 @ 11:43pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Actually Mike......

    And you're a greedy freetard that thinks you're entitled to take someone else's labor for free.

    A special place in hell indeed.

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