Why Didn't Media Companies Create Their Own Zite?

from the $40-million-would-have-been-nice... dept

While we're wondering how the NY Times might have better spent the $40 million they dumped into the Emperor's New Paywall, when you combine that with the story of a bunch of big media companies ordering Zite to stop making their content more useful and readable, you come to the natural question of wondering why these big media companies haven't made their own Zites:
For publishers, the problem is that Zite is really, really good at personalization and filtering. In my use of the app over the past few weeks, Iíve consistently found that the app shows me headlines I want to click on Ė and thatís the test that really matters.

We in media should think about what led us to this place, where major news outlets are targeting a company that is creating something they should create: an innovative, personalized news source.

What efforts have major media companies made to build or enable their own innovative news consumption products?
Couldn't the NY Times or News Corp. have spent the millions they've spent on locking up their content towards something like Zite that actually makes their content more valuable and more useful? The problem seems to be that they value the content over all, and don't realize that, just as important as the content itself, is how people find and interact with it. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that any of the big media properties recognize that yet.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 4 Apr 2011 @ 7:15am

    Re: Re: Re: I have wondered about this with the music & movie industry

    Ask to your friend the following also:

    - Do you think it would be proper to start searching of people's iPod's in the streets? You see everybody knows that nobody could fill an iPod using iTunes who has 50 grand to fill it up? of course if you don't use Jamendo which is a CC Commons Non-Commercial and grants you the right to hear, distribute, copy and use it for private uses.

    - Do you want people snooping on your emails to see if you are sending somebody something illegal? Remember you don't own anything, if you send part of a song that is infringement, if you send a trailer to someone that is infringement, the U.S. enforcement agencies are even saying that linking is infringement, photos, copy paste articles, or even quotes without being for critic are infringement, you think that all is ok?

    - Do you want enforcement agents to knock on your door and say you are a criminal because you didn't secure your WiFi properly?

    - Do you want kids to be dragged to police stations like hardened criminals for taking photos with their cellphones of the screen of theaters? The taking photo part just happened when thousands of little girls took their cellphones and pointed at the screens everywhere in this country do you think they should be arrested?

    - Do you buy a new disc everytime your old one gets scratched or do you make backups, because if you do backup anything you are a criminal for the industry, you are thief.

    - Did you know you pay taxes for blank media and hardrives in the U.S.? because of fear of unauthorized use.

    - Did you know that you pay taxes everytime you go to the shopping mall and buy something or go to the gym or go to the restaurant?

    - Did you know that software is also protected by copyright and thus if you alter your car software you are breaking the law and it is making repairs more costly? an in a horror scenario you could find youselve on the wrong side of the law if you put an electronic lock anywhere(i.e. house, car, locker) and you bypass that you would be a criminal because the DMCA says so?

    If he still thinks that is ok, oh well then it is his choice.

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