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NY Times In Denial: Only Teens & The Unemployed Will Game The Paywall

from the emperor-has-no-clothes dept

It's really quite incredible how deeply in denial folks in the upper management at the NY Times appear to be about the paywall. In the last few days I've received some communications from some NYT staffers who seem to agree that the paywall itself is ridiculous, and is a backwards looking policy. As many have noted, the whole thing seems like a case of the Emperor's New Clothes anyway, since it's incredibly easy to avoid the paywall, either with some simple javascript or by just visiting from elsewhere. And yet, NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. appears to be in complete denial about all of this, claiming that only teenagers and the unemployed will bother to game the system.
"Can people go around the system?" Sulzberger, the Timesís publisher, asked at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Paley Center for Media this morning. "The answer is yes, just as if you run down Sixth Avenue right now and you pass a newsstand and you grab a newspaper and keep running, you can read the Times for free."

"Is it going to be done by the kind of people who value the quality of the New York Times reporting and opinion and analysis? No," he continued. "I don't think so. It'll be mostly high-school kids and people who are out of work."
This appears to be someone deeply in denial. First of all, even if it is just done by high schoolers, those high schoolers will grow up. And never subscribe. But, more importantly, he's just wrong. Yes, some people will pay, but many, many, many people who are both adults and employed, will simply avoid the paywall completely.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 24 Mar 2011 @ 1:21pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Are you really claiming your link says piracy went down since Limewire went away? It says P2P traffic is down. P2P != Piracy.

    Quotes from your article
    "NPD Group reports that 12% of US web users accessed P2P services in Q3 of 2010 but this had dropped to 9% by Q4. This marks a continued drop from the 16% who accessed such sites in 2007."

    First of all it is talking about the % of web traffic. So if more people are on the web and the same amount are using P2P the number would drop but piracy wouldn't. Second, it says the number has been going down since 07 so by your logic piracy has been on the decline since 07, guess you asshats are winning, who knew.

    "NPD added that the average number of files downloaded by individual P2P users halved from 35 in Q4 2007 to 18 in Q4 2010."

    Jeeze looks like by your logic piracy has been pretty much drying up since 07, don't know why you are whining so much then.

    "The NPD study was based on self-reporting by respondents and its statistical findings must be understood within that context."


    "This all suggests a significant level of displacement happening, where habitual P2P users simply move onto other unlicensed services rather than migrate to legal alternative or stop filesharing altogether.

    There are also wider factors at play such as the rise of cyberlockers and VPN (virtual private networks) that make it more difficult to detect where and how frequently unlicensed content is being exchanged online."

    So maybe people are just using better services? like bit torrent which is 1000 times more effective than P2P. So where is the proof that piracy is down? Where is the proof that limewire going away had anything to do with it. Also limewire didnt go away just the LLC behind it

    perhaps you want to try some reading comprehension?

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