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Nielsen Sues Comscore With Patent It Once Was Sued For Infringing

from the destructive-force-of-patents dept

Why bother competing if you can just get a patent instead? Nielsen, who was once sued for violating a patent ("5675510") for the invention of a "computer use meter and analyzer," has now sued competitor Comscore over the same patent, which it eventually came into possession of after settling the lawsuit by buying the patent from Jupiter Media Metrix. Once again, however, this seems to demonstrate the pointlessness of the patent system. Metering and analyzing internet traffic is something that came about because everyone needed it and lots of people tried to tackle the problem. No one went into that space because there was the availability of a patent. People got into the space because there was a need and a market. And, now, Nielsen seems to want to beat the competition not through competing with better products, but by suing over a questionable patent.

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  1. identicon
    Laurent Nicolas, 24 Mar 2011 @ 7:07am

    The patent was not even proven valid

    I used to work for NetValue, a competitor of Nielsen that was acquired by Nielsen in 2002.
    NetValue also got sued by MMXI on this patent. No court ever told that the patent was valid.
    The story is that, just before buying the patent to the dying MMXI, Nielsen told the court that they admitted they were infriging the patent. This way, the patent became valid.
    Smart, isn't it? (I'm sarcastic here).

    But it does not mean it is really valid anymore... We'll see.

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