South Korea Wants To Mandate Everyone Must Install 'Security' Software To Prevent 'Zombies'

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Amelia Andersdotter alerted us to a story coming out of South Korea, where there's an ongoing effort to pass a "Zombie PC Prevention Act," which would require every citizen to install special "security software," on their computers. But, some are worried about the unintended (or secretly intended?) consequences of such an act. The Korean government will officially designate which security solutions are allowed, leading to questions about what might be in or not be in such software. On top of that, this law also has quite a backdoor for government agencies to spy on pretty much any company, because it would empower the Korean Communications Commission to "examine the details of the business, records, documents and others" of anyone, without a warrant, based merely on the suspicion that an employee or the company as a whole did not use such mandated security software.

An interesting sidenote in all of this is that just as the push to pass this Zombie PC Prevention Act came about, suddenly a hard-drive destroying malware started making the rounds, and some have noted that it acts in a manner that doesn't make any sense when you look at typical malware. Instead, it acts sort of like a "zombie," but whereas typical zombies try to remain hidden, this one does a lot to make itself known. The suggestion -- though, admittedly, with little proof -- is that perhaps someone has released such an attack in order to build up support for the law.

That may be too much of a conspiracy theory for some, but it is still worrisome that the government might mandate a particular brand of security software. It's obviously a good thing, in general, for people to secure their computers, and to try to ward off malware such as zombies. But should it really be the government's job to step in and mandate what software you put on your computer?

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  1. identicon
    FuzzyDuck, 24 Mar 2011 @ 5:59am


    With an exam to be allowed to get kids maybe a sucker wouldn't be born every minute?

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