Judge Not Impressed By Reverse Class Action Attempt In Mass P2P File Sharing Case

from the fishing-expedition dept

We recently wrote about an attempt by one of the growing number of mass P2P pre-settlement lawsuit lawyers, John Steele, to file a reverse of defendant class action lawsuit to try to get around the issue of misjoinder in combining a bunch of totally unrelated individuals in a single lawsuit. Typically, of course, class action lawsuits involve a class as the "plaintiff" not the defendant. It's not unheard of to have a defendant class action, but it is rare. Either way, the judge doesn't seem to be buying it. In a recent hearing the judge noted that the whole thing felt like a fishing expedition, and barred the court from issuing any subpoenas until an adversarial hearing was held. It's unclear who will represent the still anonymous "class," but hopefully the judge takes a note from another court and brings in experts like Public Citizen and the EFF.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 17 Mar 2011 @ 5:42pm


    "I have a moneymaking business that is operated by an attorney, and many [porn BitTorrent] defendants end up choosing to ignore my shakedown letters after reading about the EFF suits," he said. "I know for a fact that one of the attorneys has lined up 40 defendants, and he is earning hand over fist in legal fees, and I am terrified they will counter-sue me and I'll have to cover their legal costs for my shakedown attempts."

    There I fixed it for him.

    xbiz truly is amazing, they report only the sunshine and puppys version of the events and provide coverage for most of the propaganda the extortion mills churn out trying to terrify people into settling.

    It is always a crazed judge stopping them after the EFF fills their head with lies to help the pirates. It never is "well my case was built with tissue paper and some elmers glue and somehow they tore through what I wanted the law to be and explained how the law really works".

    Oh Mr Steele... wouldn't you rather have a nice cheating spouse case right about now instead of trying to find that 1 magic thing that ACS:Law, USCG, Stone, LMH, and the others haven't been able to find to make these cases work?

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