Maintenance Report Shows Radiation Levels On Some TSA Scanners 10 Times Higher Than Promised

from the uh,-whoops dept

At the end of last year, we pointed to some discussions that suggested the TSA was being totally misleading in claiming that the new naked airport scanners had been shown to be totally safe when it came to radiation. While the studies the TSA used to make that claim only said that was the case if the machines were working properly, there was no evidence that the TSA was actually making sure the machines were working properly, or how easily they might not be working properly. Well, it appears that this may have been a much bigger issue than originally thought, as some maintenance on these machines has shown radiation levels 10 times the amount that they're supposed to be emitting. The TSA has now agreed to retest all of the machines -- though it still insists that these new reports were "mathematics mistakes." Uh. Yeah.

But, really, the issue goes beyond that. If it's so easy to make "math mistakes," how do we know that the original "lower" reports from these machines was accurate? Assuming these readings were accurate, how long were these machines operating at 10x the radiation levels? How easy was it for the radiation levels to get so high? How will the TSA prevent it from happening again? Honestly, though, the people who should be most upset are the TSA workers who run these machines. It makes you wonder how much radiation they're being exposed to on a daily basis.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 14 Mar 2011 @ 12:20pm

    Because you can trust TSA people.
    They hire them using ads on top of pizza boxes.
    They told us that theft did not happen with TSA staff, and when caught for the 10th time, they admitted maybe there were some rouge people.

    Lets install the pornoscanners on all the doors in DC and make the critters have to walk thru them like the little people. How much you want to be they would be interested in the reports a bit more?

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