State Department Spokesperson Says Bradley Manning Is Being Mistreated

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We've written a few times about how we believe Bradley Manning's treatment in prison is horrifying. It goes beyond what's reasonable, and in recent weeks has only gotten worse, as he's now being stripped naked every night.

However Glenn Greenwald points us to the very surprising news that State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley has now come out to say that he believes Manning is being "mistreated" in prison. This is a huge surprise. After all, the State Department has taken the brunt of the leaks that Manning is accused of facilitating. And Crowley has been the State Department's go to guy for massively exaggerating the leak's impact on world affairs. For him to come out and say that Manning is being mistreated is a huge surprise. I'm curious if the folks in our comments who were vocally defending the treatment of Manning as perfectly normal are still willing to defend it, when even one of their biggest allies is backing down.

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    The Original Anonymous Coward (profile), 13 Mar 2011 @ 5:21pm

    Re: Re: This just in - PJ Crowley is out

    None of us plain old ordinary blog readers know the truth and I'm not certain that Mr. Crowley does either. He was just voicing his opinion.

    I would say that if a person has a job spinning the corporate line to the media and wishes to keep that job, it may be better to keep personal opinions personal.

    If Mr. Crowley sincerely disapproves of Manning's current situation, then maybe his resignation is a sign that he is sticking to his principles. If this indeed the case, good for him.

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