Lazy TSA Agents Let Thousands Of Bags Through Unscreened (But They Gotta See Us Naked)

from the feeling-safer? dept

While the TSA and the US government continue to insist that it's absolutely necessary to see passengers naked before they can get on a plane, it appears that not everyone in the TSA is so committed to such thorough searches. Apparently, the feds are investigating a group of 27 TSA agents in Hawaii who apparently just skipped over the part of their jobs where they were supposed to screen luggage. Instead, they just tagged the luggage, saying it was screened and let it go on planes.

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  1. identicon
    Michial Thompson, 7 Mar 2011 @ 5:25am


    A/C I will Gladly elaborate in place of little mikee...

    Return Airport Security to pre-9-11 status. And insteady of treating terrorists like world powers and "going to war" against them, treat them like the common criminals they are.

    There was nothing wrong security then and there was no need for Americans to be turned into common criminals who pay to be treated as such.

    90% of the pissants screaming for better security at the airports RARELY get on airplanes. Maybe 4 or 6 times a YEAR tops. BUT those pissants scream for better security so those of us who used to fly 2-4 times a WEEK are now forced to waste time and money to feed an industry of perverts and criminals called the TSA.

    If the TSA had any serious intentions of increasing security they wouldn't be harassing the business traveler that they see 2-4 times a WEEK, they would be concentrating on the guys they have never seen or rarely see. The guy there twice a week is obviously there for his JOB. The guy that they rare or never have seen before is more likely to be that "terrorist" they are looking for.

    NOT one of the 9-11 bombers, NOR any one of the morons that have attempted since 9-11 have been frequent flyers. ALL of them have been idiots that fly 4-6 times a YEAR.

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