Lazy TSA Agents Let Thousands Of Bags Through Unscreened (But They Gotta See Us Naked)

from the feeling-safer? dept

While the TSA and the US government continue to insist that it's absolutely necessary to see passengers naked before they can get on a plane, it appears that not everyone in the TSA is so committed to such thorough searches. Apparently, the feds are investigating a group of 27 TSA agents in Hawaii who apparently just skipped over the part of their jobs where they were supposed to screen luggage. Instead, they just tagged the luggage, saying it was screened and let it go on planes.

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    JackSombra (profile), 7 Mar 2011 @ 7:43am

    Re: Re: Re:

    "So what you are saying is that they should stop checking checked bags"
    Most country's in the world were checking checked bags well before 9/11

    "and carry on security should be limited to someone with a wand randonly running it over some parts of your body?"
    Yes combined with metal detector gates

    "We should be allowed to carry on anything to the plane (including hunting knives, etc) and it just shouldn't be an issue, right?"
    No, but then again most country's would not let you carry weapons on a plane before 9/11 either

    Notice the "most country's" in all the above, because before 9/11 USA did not do many of these things where rest of modern world did.

    You see the one thing America does not want to admit, for years they put profits and convenience first and thought about safety and security...well never

    Now to "make up" for it they have gone the other way, basically bolting,nailing and welding shut the barn door after the horse has fled

    The only rules that really needed changing were

    * Locked, reenforced cockpit doors (ffs forget the terrorist, worry about the wackos getting into the cockpit, it was much more likely)
    * Banning of all weapons like gun's/knives from flights unless in cargo hold (and no nail clippers are not a weapon)
    * Standard metal detector scan on people
    * Standard scanning of all luggage, carry on or hold

    Some people think pilots should also be armed, but to those i ask the follow, armed terrorists suddenly try to take over a plane

    You have two choices,

    a) Have a pilot, with a small amount of firearms/combat training, try to be hero at 30,000 by starting a gun fight in narrow pressurized cabin with you stuck between him and the "terrorists" (and remember, even if he only gets himself killed, he is the pilot of the plane you are currently on, hope you took flying lessons)

    b) Have a pilot, safe behind a locked, reenforced door that he will not open under any circumstances, bring the plane to the nearest airport where the professional's can attempt to end the attack

    Which do you pick?

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