Lazy TSA Agents Let Thousands Of Bags Through Unscreened (But They Gotta See Us Naked)

from the feeling-safer? dept

While the TSA and the US government continue to insist that it's absolutely necessary to see passengers naked before they can get on a plane, it appears that not everyone in the TSA is so committed to such thorough searches. Apparently, the feds are investigating a group of 27 TSA agents in Hawaii who apparently just skipped over the part of their jobs where they were supposed to screen luggage. Instead, they just tagged the luggage, saying it was screened and let it go on planes.

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    keiichi969 (profile), 7 Mar 2011 @ 7:07am

    Re: Why does the TSA want to see people naked?

    Because the TSA is secretly not the Transportation Safety Administration, but is in reality, the Turing-compliant Sexuality Association, and they are creating a database of human body types and features to for their android and gynoid army. They're slowly phasing out any "potential terrorist" human travelers in favor of non-terrorist android versions.

    One must welcome our new robot overlords. OR ELSE.

    Alternate version:

    Why does the TSA want to see people naked?


    Actually that would explain a lot...

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