Lazy TSA Agents Let Thousands Of Bags Through Unscreened (But They Gotta See Us Naked)

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While the TSA and the US government continue to insist that it's absolutely necessary to see passengers naked before they can get on a plane, it appears that not everyone in the TSA is so committed to such thorough searches. Apparently, the feds are investigating a group of 27 TSA agents in Hawaii who apparently just skipped over the part of their jobs where they were supposed to screen luggage. Instead, they just tagged the luggage, saying it was screened and let it go on planes.

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  1. identicon
    V, 7 Mar 2011 @ 6:15am


    "It is incredibly easy to find faults like this in a huge system. A small group of workers, who really are suppose to "self-check" each other while working, decide to avoid the work altogether. While it is disappointing, it isn't unusual in a work force of 40,000 to have a few bad apples."

    I assume you are jesting, otherwise we simply have to assume you are naive or stupid... or both.

    Other instances have been pointed out and this is simply the tip of the iceberg. I suspect even more instances and corruption will come out.

    It's naive to think that this is an isolated instance.

    "It is also incredibly easy to stand on the outside taking potshots. Mike, would you care to take the time to elaborate your security plans for flying in the future?"

    I suspect Mike's version of security wouldn't include unconstutional searches, invasive systems proven to be ineffective and lack of legitimate profiling.

    We should be spending more time searching travelers who fit the profile and less time searching old people with urine bags.

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