Lazy TSA Agents Let Thousands Of Bags Through Unscreened (But They Gotta See Us Naked)

from the feeling-safer? dept

While the TSA and the US government continue to insist that it's absolutely necessary to see passengers naked before they can get on a plane, it appears that not everyone in the TSA is so committed to such thorough searches. Apparently, the feds are investigating a group of 27 TSA agents in Hawaii who apparently just skipped over the part of their jobs where they were supposed to screen luggage. Instead, they just tagged the luggage, saying it was screened and let it go on planes.

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    Not an Electronic Rodent (profile), 7 Mar 2011 @ 5:38am


    Mike, would you care to take the time to elaborate your security plans for flying in the future?
    I'd hope they would be the same anyone who doesn't just want the theatre:
    A cost/benefit/risk/drawback analysis for each system or process coupled with a basic understanding that there is no way to make any system or combination of systems 100% effective.
    Also an understanding that you can easily a/ Go broke and b/ Turn into the very thing you're supposed to be defending against by trying and that those are a far greater risk than (barely mathematically distinguishable from zero) risk of an "incident".
    Then an implementation of systems and processes that prevent and/or discourage as much as possible without having egregious effects on what the US tout as the very basis of their country and most of the west consider equally to be basic rights and ideally without raising taxes sky high.

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