Ubisoft Uses 'Copyright' Claim To Block Americans From Seeing Its Own Ad For Ridiculous 'Adult' Wii Game

from the we-dare? dept

Jay points us to the news that Ubisoft is offering up a new video game for the Wii, in Europe only, called "We Dare," which appears to be a ridiculously awkwardness-inducing game designed to try to make people engage in sexually suggestive activities with one another. Since the game is only being offered in Europe, the advertisement for the game, which the company placed on its own YouTube account, is blocked for viewing in the US -- though, ridiculously, it says this is so for "copyright" reasons. Still, it's not hard for people to find proxies to view the video (took me a few seconds to convince YouTube I was watching the video from Europe). It seems sort of pointless to block the video from US audiences, even if they can't order the game. The ad itself is hilariously painful to watch, and the comments on the video (also only available if you're "outside" the US) are almost universally mocking Ubisoft for this game concept. Anyway, if you're inside the US or don't know how to use a proxy, you won't be able to watch the video below. And you might be better off for it:

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  1. identicon
    IronM@sk, 2 Mar 2011 @ 3:13am

    I watched this video from France...


    I think I saw what must have been a parody video of this game, or at least the ad for it, that was far more entertaining than what I just witnessed.

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