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Huawei To US Government: Please Investigate Us

from the nothing-to-hide dept

Interesting strategy from China's telco networking giant Huawei in dealing with security fears from the US government: it's asking the US government to do a full investigation of the company to satisfy itself that there's nothing questionable going on. Obviously part of the idea is a PR move, to show that the company has nothing to hide, but it's pretty rare to see a company so openly ask a government to investigate it. I guess it's Huawei's attempt to call the US government's grandstanding bluff.

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  1. identicon
    Qwerty Uio, 26 Feb 2011 @ 12:25am

    Huawei lead are jerks

    Huawei should not be trusted, for many violations. First Huawei is not a public company because their finances are murky: they receive big gifts (~$10B) from the Chinese goverment to compete with oter telcos. This allows Huawei to buy market share by bidding below cost. These practices are ilegal but are not enforced. Second, Huawei copies everyting they consder will generate revenue.
    Since chinese govenrment gives a lot of money to Huawei, they dictate the Huawei strategy. This is of course to compete and take th eUS out of business, and in particular weaken Us military superiority by stressing the US economy by selling Huawei equipment in the US.
    Huawei does espionage, and they are hard to discover. They reverse engineer everything they can to compete.So why should US goverment trust them? There is no way we should. huawei treat its chinese employess in china like crap, so it is clearly doing business and keep cost low. However, chinese are very nationalistic andthey want to work for Huawei. Many Telco multinationals in china employ chinese engineers that then go to Huawei and transfer the intellectul property.
    Also consider that Huawei spend little money in R&D beacuse they copy everything. Under mandate form chinese goverment, Huawei wants to dominate the world by putting out of bussines Ericsson, NSN and Alcatel-Lucent using predatory practices. They are filfhy and do not deserve US goverment trust.
    In the long term it is foolinsh to let the chonese Telco equipment be sold to Verizon, AT&T an Sprint. If we have a war with China, our telecommunication infrastructure is completely compromized: wirless services (2/3/4G) and wireline services. Forget it, US carriers buying Huawei equipment is be a VERY stupid thing to do.

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