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Huawei To US Government: Please Investigate Us

from the nothing-to-hide dept

Interesting strategy from China's telco networking giant Huawei in dealing with security fears from the US government: it's asking the US government to do a full investigation of the company to satisfy itself that there's nothing questionable going on. Obviously part of the idea is a PR move, to show that the company has nothing to hide, but it's pretty rare to see a company so openly ask a government to investigate it. I guess it's Huawei's attempt to call the US government's grandstanding bluff.

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    TechnoMage (profile), 24 Feb 2011 @ 10:59pm

    US: "We don't trust that you aren't installing backdoor access into your hardware that you are selling us."

    China: "Trust us!!"

    US:(in an uncommonly wise decision)"Umm... No... We asked security people and they ALL said it was a bad idea."

    China:"Then come check us out... see how we don't do anything bad"

    China to themselves:"Thats right... check us out once... and approve our hardware for your system critical infrastructure... which the Internet has now become.. then we'll insert backdoors into hardware we sell you later that we can use to spy, sabotage, etc. on you..."

    As an aside... All they would have to do is use DRM techniques to hide "code"(instructions, but ehh...) in the hardware, and then have it start 'calling home' in 2 years. Not to equate all DRM with "Evil" China... But still imagine a hardware version of the Sony Root-kit on all the networkings switches installed at banks... or power pants...

    Where your hardware is manufactured is an important issue. iPhones are only made in China... They are not approved by DoD use.. but Android phones are... Ever wonder why?

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