Righthaven So Busy Filing Lawsuits It Forgot To Renew Its Business License?

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Amusing note in a recent Las Vegas Sun report about the latest goings on with copyright troll Righthaven: there are some indications that the company forgot to renew its business license, and that could create some problems for some of its lawsuits:
Has Righthaven been so busy filing and settling lawsuits that it forgot to renew its state business license?

Its status with the Nevada Secretary of State as of Monday was listed as "default" after the license expired Jan. 31. Net Sortie Systems LLC, Las Vegas attorney Steven Gibson's company that co-owns Righthaven, is also listed as in default.


Righthaven's "default" status will likely interest defendants in nine Righthaven lawsuits filed in Denver federal court this month over a Denver Post "TSA pat-down photo."

That's because Righthaven asserts in these lawsuits: "Righthaven is, and has been at all times relevant to this lawsuit, in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State."
Separate from that, the report also notes that Righthaven just registered the copyright on some porn DVDs, so it may be expanding beyond copyright trolling for the newspaper business (not that lucrative), and follow the footsteps of a bunch of opportunist lawyers who have started doing mass file sharing pre-settlement shakedown letter campaigns for porn producers (without too much success so far).

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 26 Feb 2011 @ 7:45am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    too many joes, hard to keep you guys straight.

    Radiohead does not have to do *any* extra work to "feeding the freetard seagulls".

    You are thinking too linearly to get the point. They gave away online in downloads about 1.2 million copies. They averages $2.25 or so per download (about 2.7 million dollars). They also released the record on those horrible, out of date, tacky, and terrible shiny plastic discs. The results?

    In October 2008, the band's publisher Warner Chappell Music Publishing revealed that the album had sold three million copies (including digital and physical format sales) since the album's physical release in January. (from wikipedia, sourced through http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/radiohead-publishers-reveal-in-rainbows-numbers-20081015

    T rust me, they didn't sell those for $2.25.

    They figured out that the freeloaders didn't do much for them, and this time they are selling the record directly. But it online now, or get it as a shiny plastic disc, or vinyl, or a combination of both in the near future.

    How many times have you read Mike say "I wasn't even going to mention this, but it keeps getting submitted.."? Did *you* submit the story?

    Repeatedly. Mike tends to shy away from these stories because he cannot find a positive spin on them. They don't mesh with his outlook on the world. The only way he could run it would be to call Radiohead fools, but considering how much shiny plastic disc business they did on the last record, he would be hard pressed to explain why Radiohead isn't repeating the free give away.

    Yes, Techdirt never mentioned at all that Radiohead's Physical Album [was] Selling Well. You've got me there. :)

    That is actually proving my point. The only way Mike could discuss it was to claim (in his own manner) that the give away is what drove the record sales. " it appears that Radiohead's internet experiment has been quite a success.". So successful, that they are specifically not repeating it. It would be incredibly hard for Mike to come up with a way to explain it that doesn't admit that perhaps it isn't a workable model.

    Well, if calling people names in lieu of having a sound argument gives you a mental challenge... well, you said it, not me

    Do tell! Terms like "freetards" and "slobbering masses" are sort of the best at describing two different groups of people. Would you prefer that I call them "sad loners" instead? Or how about freeloaders?

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