Righthaven So Busy Filing Lawsuits It Forgot To Renew Its Business License?

from the oh-yes,-and-porn dept

Amusing note in a recent Las Vegas Sun report about the latest goings on with copyright troll Righthaven: there are some indications that the company forgot to renew its business license, and that could create some problems for some of its lawsuits:
Has Righthaven been so busy filing and settling lawsuits that it forgot to renew its state business license?

Its status with the Nevada Secretary of State as of Monday was listed as "default" after the license expired Jan. 31. Net Sortie Systems LLC, Las Vegas attorney Steven Gibson's company that co-owns Righthaven, is also listed as in default.


Righthaven's "default" status will likely interest defendants in nine Righthaven lawsuits filed in Denver federal court this month over a Denver Post "TSA pat-down photo."

That's because Righthaven asserts in these lawsuits: "Righthaven is, and has been at all times relevant to this lawsuit, in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State."
Separate from that, the report also notes that Righthaven just registered the copyright on some porn DVDs, so it may be expanding beyond copyright trolling for the newspaper business (not that lucrative), and follow the footsteps of a bunch of opportunist lawyers who have started doing mass file sharing pre-settlement shakedown letter campaigns for porn producers (without too much success so far).

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 25 Feb 2011 @ 9:15am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Actually, the problem is that there aren't potential customers. These are people who are showing up for the free lunch, and will head down the street for the next free lunch tomorrow, without any consideration to come back to your business again. All the fans in the world aren't worth very much if they are only fair weather fans, who run out the door when the bill shows up.

    Radiohead figured it out. The average paying customer gave them reasonable money on their last album, but when you figured in the 'tard factor, they got about $2 a shot. Obviously, they value their work a little higher than that, and now they want a minimum of $9 ($14 for wav files) for their new album. The funniest part being that they will probably get the same number of sales (if not more) by not feeding the 'tards.

    My words are not vindicative. They are not nasty or misleading (as they are true).

    What is troubling here is that Mike has chosen to ignore the story (he also didn't mention that Assange lost his legal fight and is off to Sweden). I understand that his goal is to present one side of the story. I just wish more of his supporters here could figure that out.

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