DailyDirt: AlphaGo Plays Better Go Than Puny Humans...

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In case you missed it, humanity has been dealt a decisive intellectual blow by a go-playing computer program called AlphaGo. We mentioned AlphaGo back in January when Google announced that it had defeated European Go champion Fan Hui and was challenging Lee Sedol next. So now that the results are in, AlphaGo has shown the world that artificial intelligence can best the best of humanity at our most difficult games. We've seen this already with chess, and if you don't remember, people tried to make a variant of chess called Arimaa that humans could hold up as a game people could win over computers (ahem, that didn't work). We still have Calvinball, Diplomacy and certain forms of poker.... After you've finished checking out those links, take a look at our Daily Deals for cool gadgets and other awesome stuff.

Filed Under: ai, algorithms, alphago, arimaa, artificial intelligence, chess, fan hui, feng-hsiung hsu, game algorithms, games, go, lee sedol
Companies: deepmind, google

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 16 Mar 2016 @ 11:16pm

    AlphaGo for president!

    I'd trust a computer program over some of the candidates.....

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