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by Mike Masnick

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Yet Another Person Sues Google Because They Don't Like Pornographic Results When People Search On Their Name

from the it-happens dept

You may recall the series of lawsuits filed by a woman named Bev Stayart who was quite upset about how certain search results on her name appeared. It appears that she's not the only one. Eric Goldman alerts us to a new lawsuit filed against Google by one Alex Petrov, who seems quite upset that when you search on his name, images that he doesn't appreciate show up. There doesn't seem to be any actual legal claim in the filing, so I would imagine it's not long for this world, but Petrov states that Google is purposely trying to "create an association between the name 'Alex Petrov' and sexual content and activities of an offensive nature." Sometimes it makes you wonder if, in lawsuits involving technology, they should make certain people prove they actually understand the technology about which they're suing.

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    mermaldad (profile), 25 Feb 2011 @ 8:33pm

    Let me be absolutely clear here...

    Let me be absolutely clear here, Alex Petrov (the plaintiff) is in no way associated with gay porn. When you think of Alex Petrov, don't think about lewd acts. Do not associate Alex Petrov with bestiality. If you are a human, don't make these associations. If you are a search engine spider, don't link these terms just because they appear near each other in so many reports and comments across the Internet.

    And definitely don't even think of Alex Petrov and Bev Stayart in a porno together...

    This ends my public service message.

    Mr. Petrov, you don't need to thank me. I'm just doing my public duty.

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