The Five Senators Who Refuse To Say If They Anonymously Killed The Whistleblower Bill

from the who-will-blow-the-whistle dept

While the bill had some significant shortcomings, we were still somewhat surprised to find out that a US Senator used an anonymous hold to block a bill designed to protect whistleblowers. At the time, we wondered if there would be a whistleblower who would reveal who blocked the bill. However, the folks at WNYC's On the Media set up a neat campaign to contact all 100 Senators and get them to say whether or not they put the hold on the bill. For weeks, many Senators refused to respond, but now the project has reached the point where 95 Senators have said they did not put the block on the bill, leaving just five Senators who have refused to answer. They are:
  • David Vitter
  • Jeff Sessions
  • James Risch
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Jon Kyl
On the Media is still asking for help contacting those five senators to see if they'll finally explain whether or not they put a hold on the bill. The whole process of an "anonymous hold" in the Senate seems to go against basic principles of transparency in democracy. Anonymity is an important part of free speech for the citizenry, but it does not apply to a single Senator blocking legislation. If they are going to do that in the name of the people they represent, they should be expected to step forward and admit it.

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    TJGeezer (profile), 20 Feb 2011 @ 3:57pm

    Re: Re: notice something?

    "and its worse simply because they are REPUBLICAN and willingly whore themselves out to corporate interest?"

    Gee, I reread the comment and nothing like that was said. Just that all five were cross-waving, flag-wrapped hypocrites. And Republicans. Don't jump on people for noticing that cross-waving, flag-wrapped politicians tend to be Republicans. Democratic politicians wrap themselves in different symbols and seem, on average, to keep themselves less masked. They don't go out whoring at night and then thunder during the day about Christian morals.

    Of course any politician of any party who talks about integrity, then takes corporate "free speech" money before pushing some corporate lobbyist's legislative agenda deserves to be snorted at. Just as hypocritical politicians deserve to have their noses rubbed in the fact.

    Be as defensive as you need to be, but please try to speak to the point, not to some never-was-there interpretation of somebody's comment.

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