CBS Reporter Posts YouTube Video Of Grammys... Only To Have CBS Send Takedown Notice

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Adam Singer has the news of how a reporter for CBS News, reporting on the Grammys, posted a YouTube clip to a story he had written... except soon after it was posted, CBS issued a DMCA takedown on the video, leading to this bizarre situation, put into image form by someone at Reddit (of course):
Both reports claim that this is CBS filing copyright claims against itself, though that's not really accurate. It's CBS filing a YouTube takedown (or doing a content ID match, more likely) and not realizing that its own reporters were making use of the YouTube video. The real question is why CBS wouldn't make legit clips available as easily as the YouTube clips were available. As it stands now, the video embed has been pulled down, and the reporter apologizes that no clips are available. That scenario seems even more ridiculous than the original takedown. This is the same company, and he can't get a legit clip to put with the story?

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    Almost Anonymous (profile), 16 Feb 2011 @ 9:57am

    Happened to me too!

    I googled for the video recently to show someone who hadn't seen it. The top result might have been that CBS page, but whichever it was I also received the CBS copyright image. So I went back to my search results and chose the auto-tuned remix of the reporter video. If there is a hell, I'll be going there, cause that was hilarious. Felt really bad for the reporter afterwords though.

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