Too Much Free Time

by Mike Masnick

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autocorrect, murder

Murdered Over Autocorrect? Or Just Because Some People Are Crazy

from the where's-the-lawsuit? dept

I have to admit that has become a regular visit for me -- especially when I need a good laugh. While I get the feeling a bunch of them are faked these days, some of them are amazingly funny (this one seems to be a popular one). However, now there are some (slightly sketchy) reports coming out of the UK that an autocorrect mistake may have resulted in a murder, after some guy thought his friend was calling him a "nutter." Oddly, it was the guy whose phone made the mistake who killed the other guy, but he insists that the recipient of the misplaced "nutter" came over to his apartment with a big knife in response. Of course, the other guy also appears to have prepared himself by placing knives strategically in his apartment so he could respond. And respond he did, as the dead man apparently had over 100 injuries from the knives. I think this guy probably has got bigger problems than just his phone "autocorrecting" messages...

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