DailyDirt: Sustainable Eating -- Yummy Or Gross?

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Plenty of people like a big, rare steak every once in a while. It's probably not the healthiest meal, but everything in moderation, right? How about insect protein for "meatless Mondays" or seaweed salads before dinner? Everything in moderation, right? Here are just a few interesting ways to expand your palate and maybe eat in a more sustainable fashion -- if you can stomach it. After you've finished checking out those links, take a look at our Daily Deals for cool gadgets and other awesome stuff.

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    art guerrilla (profile), 19 Apr 2016 @ 5:49pm

    yeahhhhh, no...

    most any time i try some offbeat stuff like seaweed crackers or whatever, it is like: ohhhhh-kay, not totally awful, but still not 'good'; i can rarely choke down enough to be a serving...
    after a few bites of whatever 'super-food', it REALLY makes me thankful for the next plate of ribs i have...
    thanks for being, piggies, you are tasty critters ! ! !

    we simply need to get away from the factory farming model, and go back to the distributed, homestead based-agricultural practices and local animal husbandry...
    zillion gallon poo lagoons for factory-raised chickens, pigs, etc, is UNNATURAL as hell, and causes a whole raft of attendant issues...
    but a dozen chickens on every property or so, a couple pigs every neighborhood, and the poo gets deployed in a helpful manner to benefit the cycle of the farm in keeping the soil replenished with nutrients, etc...
    we have perverted the systems which worked well for thousands of years, and by unnaturally concentrating and raising livestock, we have made an unsustainable, destructive cycle...
    just so a FEW fancy pants can rake in zillions, and we get inferior products and a wasted environment WE pay to clean up, NOT the fancy pants...

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