Recording Industry Keeps Quiet About Canadian IsoHunt Lawsuit; Didn't Want To Admit Canada Has Strong Copyright

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Michael Geist has the news that last year, at some point, the recording industry filed a lawsuit against IsoHunt in Canada. There's already been an ongoing lawsuit against IsoHunt in the US, but not too many people realized there was a similar lawsuit in Canada. And that's for a specific reason: the recording industry did their best to keep it quiet. The lawsuit was filed just a few weeks before Canada's latest attempt at copyright reform was put forth and a big part of the narrative for why such a law was needed was because Canadian copyright laws weren't strong enough to go after a site like IsoHunt. So, making a big stink about a lawsuit -- under those existing copyright laws -- against IsoHunt would have hurt that story... Of course, this raises the question: if existing copyright laws were strong enough, why did politicians and industry lobbyists claim they were not?

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    jilocasin (profile), 15 Feb 2011 @ 8:26am

    Nice idea, but it'll never work.

    That's a nice idea but it'll never work.

    Number 1, 'become informed':

    Always a good idea.

    Number 2, 'stop buying the product and services of any companies involved with those lobbyists'

    First problem, unless you run off into the mountains (desert) and live an entirely self sufficient existance you can't avoid lobbiests. The only companies that don't utilize lobiests, wish they were big enough to hire a few. If you managed to only buy products from companies that don't have lobiests, they would just pass laws making it illegal _not_ to do business with them. (You think I'm joking, then you haven't been paying attention. Think Apple & appstore or Bose suing resellers.)

    Number 3, 'get everyone you know to stop buying the products and services of any companies involved with those lobbyists'

    See answer to number 2.

    The only way to stop lobbiests are to have our government represent the people and do what's best for the country as a whole. This would be a marked change from the current system of padding their own bank accounts.

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