Forget Hot Coffee, Now Disney Is Sued For Severe Burns From Nacho Cheese

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Perhaps no legal liability lawsuit brings out passionate arguments (on all sides) like the infamous McDonald's "hot coffee" lawsuit, in which McDonald's was sued and lost for providing a woman with coffee that was too hot (on appeal the case was eventually settled). Some feel that the case is the quintessential example of bogus lawsuits, while others suggest that the case actually had merits. Of course, given its high profile nature, there have been attempts here or there to replicate it in some form or another, and up next, we've apparently got a lawsuit against Disney for serving nacho cheese at Disney World that was too darn hot.

A San Diego couple, Michael and Maria Harris claim that their 4-year-old son Isaiah had his face burned from "scalding hot" nacho cheese served to them at Disney World. They appear to be claiming that Disney was negligent in making "no effort" to keep the nacho cheese at a reasonable temperature, and are claiming "permanent scarring, pain and suffering" to Isaiah from the burns, while the parents have suffered "emotional distress." Perhaps there's more to the case than is in the article linked above, but shouldn't parents be at least somewhat responsible for keeping things that are scalding hot from their children's faces?

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  1. identicon
    Ryan Diederich, 14 Feb 2011 @ 7:45pm

    How it should be

    When I was 6 or 7ish years old my parents took me on a day trip to Boston, MA and we stopped at a Burger King. They had recessed fluorescent lighting UNDERNEATH the register counters on the customer side, and I stuck my fingers up there and got hit with the 250 volt starting charge.

    That is something worth suing over (the manager gave us $100 because thats how much we said we had spent on our now ruined trip.

    This however, isnt. Life has its nuances that anyone with half a brain needs to know, like ice is slippery, rocks are sharp, etc. These are things everyone knows.

    That hot foods are hot, is one of those things. If I am ordering a meal, I am smart enough to know that a salad is cold and nachos are hot.

    The parents made the decision to order a hot meal, nachos. It is unclear whether they ordered the nachos for everyone or just for their son.

    The son was burned when consuming the nachos. Theres no way a tray fell on him, it wouldnt be focused right above his lip like that. This being said, the parents have already lied, and everything else must be scrutinized.

    There are far too many reasons that things like this shouldnt happen, and its sad to see the world headed this way.

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