Time Warner Cable Whining About How It's Not Allowed To Pretend It Offers Fiber To The Home Any More

from the truth-in-advertising dept

A few years back, we noted that Verizon -- who has a history of misleading ads itself -- had sued Time Warner Cable for a series of ads that implied that Verizon's FiOS fiber-to-the-home offering was just "catching up" to TWC's own "fiber" offering. Of course, that was blatantly misleading. Time Warner uses fiber within its network but not to the home, which is the whole selling point of FiOS. There have been numerous disputes over this and TWC always comes out on the losing end. The latest, from the National Advertising Review Board (NARB), once again found that TWC's claims were clearly misleading. TWC's response is to petulantly claim that it can no longer accurately describe its own network and this will make it harder to "distinguish their service in areas where their competitors have indisputably inferior products."

Hogwash. TWC can still accurately describe its network and, if it actually is facing off against "indisputably inferior products," it can continue to highlight the specific differences in bandwidth or whatever other metrics that accurately portray the difference. What it cannot do -- and what it clearly had done for a while -- is pretend that its use of fiber deep within the network is, in any way, comparable to Verizon installing fiber all the way to someone's home.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Feb 2011 @ 7:41am

    I have FIOS - pay $124 a month for 35/35 internet, Verizon's extreme HD, and phone. My next door neighbor has TWC, in the evenings his super fast 20/5 internet crawls to 1/256kbps, which makes it near impossible to game, or even read email. the node is over subscribed. even watching a HD program like Mythbusters is all pixelated....
    ya cable is faster, uh huh.. BS!
    I have had FIOS for 5 years now and not once have I had to call Verizon, while the neighbors need to call TWC weekly for issues.. TWC sucks!!
    but he's saving so much, $10 less a month then i pay
    neighbor 3 doors down also has TWC... I see a TWC service vehicle on this street daily, yet only time I see a Verizon truck is when they do a new install and rip out TWC's crap!

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