Falsely Putting Your Wife On The Terrorist Watch List May Hinder Your Chances For Promotion

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Wired has the bizarre story of a UK border agent who, in an apparent attempt to get his wife out of his life, put her name on the terrorist watch list, which left her stranded in Pakistan (where she was visiting relatives) for three years, unable to fly back home to the UK. That seems like a rather extreme way to get your wife out of the picture. And, apparently, this nefarious plan all would have worked... if only the guy never thought to apply for a promotion. Since the promotion would involve higher security clearance, he was put through a background check, where it was revealed his wife was on the watchlist. That created a bit of concern... and then it was realized that he had put her there. He's since been fired. Of course, the bigger question is whether or not whoever designed the system in such a way that it would allow a single person to add his own wife to the terrorist watch list, with no oversight and no review, was fired as well. It would seem like that person has some serious questions to answer as well.

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    Greg G (profile), 7 Feb 2011 @ 8:34am


    Is it better for 100 criminals to go free to keep the 1 innocent out of prison? How would you feel if one of those criminals went free and killed your family?

    How would YOU feel if YOU were that 1 innocent imprisoned for even just a short while, for whatever reason? Oh, but we can't release you because you were convicted. Lack of evidence be damned.

    I was once falsely accused by a friends girlfriend attacking her (breaking into her house and trying to assault or rape her) but when questioned by cops, along with my reaction and a receipt I had for a fast food stop I made, they realized that I was innocent. But what if I didn't have that receipt? The cops would have had to believe my incredulous reaction to realize it wasn't me.

    So AC, innocent until proven guilty. Remember that.

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