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by Mike Masnick

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David Guetta: The Way To Beat 'Piracy' Is To Give Your Music Away Free

from the more-people-figuring-it-out dept

Award-winning musician/DJ/producer David Guetta seems to have figured out that "free" is not a bad thing. In a recent interview, he notes that he's never worried about "piracy" at all, and that the solution is just to give away stuff for free to keep an audience engaged and to offer more opportunities to continue to build your fan base:
"I have never been very nervous about online pir­acy," the Daily Star quotes him as saying.

"Sometimes you have to give away content, even if it isn't bringing you money. It doesn't have to be music, it can be videos, images and so on."
Plenty of others have made this realization as well, but it's nice to see stars with as big a name as Guetta saying it publicly as well.

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    Rose M. Welch (profile), 9 Feb 2011 @ 5:07pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    I said that the First Amendment did not apply to private citizens on private property.

    You said: That is plainly false. First amendment does restrict private entities, as, for instance, in "Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins" decision.

    Why don't you reread Robins and then see if you can tell me how this blog qualifies as semi-public property in California?

    Sorry, but it is a waste of time to argue with small petulant girls like yourself.

    Your misogyny is pathetic and telling. I sincerely hope that you get some counseling and take a logic class or two.

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