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Netflix Shows Which ISPs Actually Perform Well... And Which Don't

from the ah,-data dept

It's always fun to discover some data that reveals some useful info -- and the folks over at Netflix have apparently realized that they're sitting on a treasure trove of data concerning the performance levels of various ISPs, based on all that content Netflix is streaming. Rather than just keep it all internally, Netflix is starting to publish the data, showing how well certain ISPs perform, and highlighting how you generally get better performance out of cable than DSL.
This is smart on Netflix's part, as it actually does a nice job encouraging ISPs to improve their quality, knowing that they can tout these kinds of "independent" rankings to show their overall quality.

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    harbingerofdoom (profile), 29 Jan 2011 @ 12:18am

    while i know that not everyone in comcast land is happy 100% of the time (or hell, even 10% of the time) i do have to say that in the past year, i have only had to deal with one major issue with intermittent outages that was a local network issue that they had to roll a field engineer on. in my experience, its not their network that drives most people to scream about comcast, its their shoddy customer service and support (id rather smash my toe with a ford falcon than talk to comcast support, fortunately i rarely have to talk to them).

    this graph does not take anything beyond network performance broken down by ISP... how well they perform when you have to call them is a completely unrelated issue.

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