Spanish Film Academy President May Be Fired For Listening To Fans Who Don't Like New Copyright Law

from the how-dare-you-talk-to-the-people dept

We were just talking about how some Spanish politicians simply ignored the fact that the legislature rejected the plan for a new US-driven copyright law, leading to widespread outrage among Spanish citizens. Reader Dodo points us to an astounding bit of followup. Apparently, the president of the Spanish Film Academy, Alex de la Iglesia announced his plans to resign as president of the Academy in a couple weeks (after the Goya awards -- the equivalent of the Oscars) in protest of the new law. He initially supported it, but was convinced otherwise after talking to people on Twitter about it (Google translation of the original Spanish). While he claims his decision is because he believes that "pitting creators against the web is a mistake," and noting that politicans have refused to listen to the people, his critics are claiming that "his compulsive passion for Twitter has played a dirty trick" on him. Not only that, but the Advisory Board of the Film Academy is threatening to oust him before his resignation, because of his being "tricked" by the internet. Apparently just talking the consumers and film fans and getting their opinion is prohibido in the Spanish Film Academy.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Jan 2011 @ 1:37pm

    the legislature ignored the legislature?

    Mike -

    Your claim that "Spanish politicians simply ignored the fact that the legislature rejected the plan for a new US-driven copyright law," may be your goofiest ever. The "Spanish politicians" you are referring to are part of the legislature. The "legislature" never "rejected" the IP provisions of the bill. Indeed, the full legislature has yet to even vote on the bill. The reality is that a subcommittee in the Senate amended the bill to remove the IP provisions. However, as with every legislative system, there are various points at which amendments to legislation can be introduced. What happened this week is that the IP provisions were reintroduced to the legislative package through an amendment process. The legislature will still have an opportunity to vote on the entire bill.

    I realize that reality doesn't always gin up the sort of moral panic you are fond of, but this is a bit much even for you.

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