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Accurate scientific measurements are pretty important. It's actually hard to overstate how critical it is to science that measurements can be repeated. (Hello, Cold Fusion...) But it's not quite an easy task to get everyone to agree to the same metrics -- especially when different approaches might have different results. Still, we make do with what we've got -- and looking at the fine details of measuring stuff has lead to discoveries like buckyballs, the heliocentric model of our neck of the universe, and all sorts of cool stuff. So here are a few quick links on measuring things.

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    KD, 3 Feb 2011 @ 7:22pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Cheap shot at cold fusion ...

    Thanks for following up again.

    You are right that a lot of people are taking advantage of the dearth of proper support for investigating the cold fusion (or whatever it is) phenomenon to push their odd physics theories, conspiracy theories, fake devices, etc. Looking back at what I posted, I see that I wasn't clear that I was not defending them. Perhaps I don't have to make the point, but the black balling of cold fusion in the official channels gives those people a lot more opportunities to get publicity and marginal credibility than they would otherwise. Unfortunately, the black balling of cold fusion has pushed some legitimate researchers in that direction.

    I don't have many URLs to hand at the moment, but I will try to remember to alert you as I come across reports of proper research in the field. You may remember that there was some work done by the Navy in the first few years following the P&F announcement. They were able to reproduce some of the effects. In 2002, they published a report which includes a couple of the papers they produced as well as a bibliography showing where more of their work appeared in journals and conference proceedings. That report is at:


    I think it is fair to summarize the work as "something unusual is going on here, but we don't know what it is and we ought to figure it out".

    You may have heard of the announcements and demonstration in the middle of January by some Italians who claim production of about 10 kilowatts of thermal power via a device they say fuses nickel and hydrogen. They haven't published anything, claiming they want to secure patents first. That's far more power production than I have seen reported by anyone else. Very interesting, if true.

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