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Accurate scientific measurements are pretty important. It's actually hard to overstate how critical it is to science that measurements can be repeated. (Hello, Cold Fusion...) But it's not quite an easy task to get everyone to agree to the same metrics -- especially when different approaches might have different results. Still, we make do with what we've got -- and looking at the fine details of measuring stuff has lead to discoveries like buckyballs, the heliocentric model of our neck of the universe, and all sorts of cool stuff. So here are a few quick links on measuring things.

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    Michael Ho (profile), 3 Feb 2011 @ 2:17pm

    Re: Re: Re: Cheap shot at cold fusion ...

    Okay... I think we can agree that fundamental research is often pushing the boundaries of what we currently understand about the universe around us. I'm all for funding basic research!

    Cold Fusion research may well prove to lead to some very interesting discoveries about how calorimetry should be done properly, how electrochemical cells might be improved -- even perhaps how nuclear reactions might take place at ambient conditions.

    However, there also seems to be a significant amount of "snake oil science" going on under the guise of "cold fusion/low energy nuclear reaction" research. The practitioners of such awful experiments are not to be applauded for their stubbornness in keeping their experimental procedures secret or for hyping their results before they've been repeated by independent labs. Such "researchers" should be scolded appropriately and guided towards proper methods that would lead to reproducible results and improved understanding of any observed phenomena.

    In any case... I'll keep an eye out for cold fusion research that is actually notable -- if you have any suggestions for finding cool LENR, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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