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Accurate scientific measurements are pretty important. It's actually hard to overstate how critical it is to science that measurements can be repeated. (Hello, Cold Fusion...) But it's not quite an easy task to get everyone to agree to the same metrics -- especially when different approaches might have different results. Still, we make do with what we've got -- and looking at the fine details of measuring stuff has lead to discoveries like buckyballs, the heliocentric model of our neck of the universe, and all sorts of cool stuff. So here are a few quick links on measuring things.

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    Michael Ho (profile), 2 Feb 2011 @ 10:25am

    Re: Cheap shot at cold fusion ...

    Not only did Pons&Fleischmann publish via press release, but their original paper was ridiculously bad....

    I think the true progress of Science benefits from a healthy dose of skepticism and verification.... if you can't verify your results, you're not doing Science. And in many of the cases involving "cold fusion" or "Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction" -- there don't seem to be repeatable experiments going on. If there were, then I think these "tabletop fusion" projects would actually get somewhere.

    So it's not my ridicule that is holding back this line of research -- it's the lack of being able to verify that anything real is happening by an independent lab.

    If these cheap energy experiments were really repeatable, I'm pretty sure my ridicule wouldn't stop people from building fusion generators in their basements......

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