Apple Using Special New Screws So You Can't Open Your iPhone

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One of the interesting questions we've been looking at for years is whether or not a business is an enabler or a gatekeeper. Being in the gatekeeper business can work for a period of time, but it's often difficult to sustain. Apple is an interesting company in that it certainly has elements of both, enabling in some areas, but being a very strict gatekeeper in other areas. As if to reinforce this point, Apple is apparently changing the screws on iPhones to make them much harder to open. Apparently, it's come up with a "pentalobe" design:
Not only that, but if you bring in your iPhone for repairs, Apple will replace the old screws with these new pentalobe screws to keep you from... well... screwing around. The whole thing seems really incredibly pointless. First of all, those who really want to open the phones will figure out ways to do so. I would guess that it won't take long for tools that work on such screws to hit the market. All this really does is frustrate iPhone owners by making life difficult for them. What possible good does it serve to have a non-standard screw system?

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    TPBer (profile), 25 Jan 2011 @ 11:41am

    Apple Repairs are a Joke

    On Dec 24, 2010 I visited an Apple store (North Star) in San Antonio to have my unruly trackpad checked out. I was given an early appointment. They said they would replace the trackpad for $51.00 parts & $39.00 labor, I gave the go ahead. I went back 29 days later to have the repair checked out because it seemed worse than the original, and they called back and once again said it was fixed. I took the Macbook pro back home used it for about 1 hour and realized the problem is still there and somewhat worse with extended use. Went back for a third time they said they would replace it, once again to make sure it was not a hardware issue. Just picked it up today to only find out that this time was the only time they actually replaced the trackpad even though I was charged initially for a new one, the tech only attempted to adjust the original so says the Genius.

    They even kept my original receipt and gave me back a bad photocopy.

    The whole incident felt like a bad car repair

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