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Pomplamoose On Making A Career While Making Music They Like

from the nicely-done dept

We've written a few times about the band Pomplamoose, who has become something of an internet sensation, but the bigger part to us (not surprisingly) was the fact that they had turned their success (mainly on YouTube) into a sustainable business model as well. Hypebot points us to a fun video interview with Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn, who make up the band, going into a bit more detail and noting that their goal is to have a sustainable business for as long as possible while making music they love without others telling them what they "have" to do:
It's difficult to think of a better, more succinct summary of what's so great about what technology allows in the music industry today. The old gatekeepers are no longer gatekeepers, and the real opportunity is in the platforms that enable others to avoid the gatekeepers, who would have kept them out in the past. Pomplamoose is a perfect example of this... even if they admit in the video that they have no hardline internet connection where they live and do all of their internet work with a 3G wireless setup (though, I do wonder how they get around the typical 5gig/month limits on most 3G connections).

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  1. icon
    Karl (profile), 28 Jan 2011 @ 4:13pm

    Worst band ever?

    Ha ha, the first time I heard of this band is when I read a bunch of posts on Facebook from people who violently hated their Christmas commercials.

    Many of my friends didn't even think they were a real band. They thought some suit from marketing had visited Portland once, and hired whoever he saw on the street to act like musicians.

    They've been called "hipsters," but they're not even up to that. Hipsters, at least, are over-the-top annoying, so you can laugh at them (think Ear Pwr). Pomplamoose is aggressively mediocre. Their music is as vacuous as the singer's deer-in-the-headlights stare.

    ...Of course, they're not any worse than the Top 40 "musicians" they cover. Plus, if they can make money from music, anyone can.

    Okay, rant over. Time to get back to work.

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