Upload 18 Songs In Russia... Face Six Years In Prison

from the punishment-not-fitting-the-crime dept

To hear the US entertainment industry talk, Russia is a horrible "haven for pirates." The US has been putting diplomatic pressure on Russia for yeas to improve its copyright laws and enforcement, with Russia regularly receiving a place on the "naughty or nice" Special 301 Report from the USTR. And yet... it certainly sounds like Russian copyright laws and enforcement are pretty damn draconian, with the news coming out that a guy, who is accused of uploading 18 songs to the social network Vkontakte, is now facing six years in prison. While it's true that Russia has (quite reasonably) argued that Vkontakte itself is not liable for uploads of others, just the fact that someone could be facing any jail time for simple uploading, let alone six years for basically an album's worth of materials seems way out of proportion to the "crime." It's things like this that make people respect copyright even less than they already do. When they see that someone is facing so much time in prison just for sharing less than 20 songs, it's the sort of thing that makes them realize the laws don't make any sense at all.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 21 Jan 2011 @ 9:37pm

    Re: Yeah, but...

    yeah, but.. the reality of russian prisons most certainly is not the same as your fantisy of what it is like.

    Ever seen inside a Russian prison ? LOL..

    I'm sure you would think it just like college !!!!!! a real holliday camp !!

    I am always amazed at how little people from the US understand, or ever KNOW what happens outside your borders!

    You seem to think that America is the center of the Universe, and that nothing else matters, or ever happens outside your borders.

    For someone to come here and say Russian prisons would be like going to college. Is astounding, clearly you do not have a clue.

    Then there are the people who are critical of the government, for in this case, enforcing the law.

    Sure, it appears to be a harsh sentice, but that is often done to indicate that they are serious, and the make 'an example' of someone.

    Bad Luck for him, but it's a warning for anyone else who thinks they might get away with it.

    And that is all it takes. One good example to show the way.

    Just because people here think it is not an important law, does not mean that is the case. And it does not mean that other law keepers, and countries value different laws at different levels.

    And just because you are from America, does not mean you are able to get on your high horse and dictate to the rest of the world what they are doing right or wrong.

    You lost that ability long ago, no one uses Americal as a model for their society.

    As I have said before, the US is a basket case at the present time, and it appears no one in the US or A can work that out.

    They (you) can only think about what you can get for free, or what you can steal of others, to benifit from.

    No wonder all the great technological advancements, and scientific advancements are occuring NOT in America.

    What is the bit IP grab going on for, especially here on TD????

    What do you hope to do with that IP ??

    So far, world wide, America is not seen as a country that is innovative or able to develop its own IP.

    So you have no manufacturing, and little engineering capabilities. So you steal some IP, and you cant do anything with it.

    Sure, you can get a Chinese company to apply that IP, and buy that product off china, with money borrowed OFF china.

    But sooner or later, China is going to ask for its money back.. then you are screwed.

    What then ? if you cant pay china ?? you will have to sell them you assets. Like your LAND, and FACTORIES and its allready happening !!.

    Good luck, it's sure to be a fun ride, I just hope you can still download hurt locker, if you have a movie industry to create it !!!

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