Woman Threatening To Sue Mall Because Mall Video Captured Her Text-And-Walking Into A Fountain

from the rethink-your-targets dept

Mr. LemurBoy was the first of a whole bunch of you to send in this story of a woman who was trying to walk and text in the mall where she works... and paid so little attention to what was going on around her that she fell face first into a big fountain. As with all such things like that, it's difficult not to at least chuckle a bit when you see that kind of thing, and, indeed the mall security folks found it funny enough to put the clip online, where it went viral. And even though the woman was fine and even though it's impossible to identify her in the video, she's now come forward and is threatening to sue the security guards for both releasing the video and not coming to help her fast enough.
I can't see her having much success with any such lawsuit. She was the one who did the embarrassing thing, and it was done in public, where lots of people could have seen/filmed it. And it's not clear what legal statute she's relying on where security has a requirement to help her after her own mistake. But, even more amazing is that she complains about how embarrassed she was about the whole thing... but doesn't seem to realize that no one knew who she was before. By coming forward, she's now identified who she is so that people will know. Wouldn't that be even more embarrassing?

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    s0v3r1gn (profile), 21 Jan 2011 @ 2:01pm

    Ths is why I have so much trouble as a photographer...

    "One would expect security video to be confidential, not some sort of voyeuristic tool."

    There is no implied confidentiality in security video, as a moter of fact there is an implied use in all security videos. Why would it be private, it's there to catch people doing stupid things they shouldn't(Theft, Vandalism, etc.)

    As some have mentioned this is in on private property, which is not actually at all related to the use or recording of the video. People are mixing up private/public property and private/public spaces. If private property is opened up for public use(such as a mall, museue, etc) it is considered a public space.

    There is no "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" in a public space. Therefore your picture can be taken and video recorded at will. Most people think that jsut because they are in a Mall, or at the Airport, or in a club that I can't take pictures of them. Acctually the opposite is true, I have every right to take your picture.

    People just need to grow up and stop being stupid about things like this. The lady messed up and now like a second grade kid has had her feelings hurt.

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