Canadian TSA's Non-Apology Apology To 82-Year-Old Woman

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We just had a story about how the Canadian version of the TSA, the CATSA, had treated an 82-year-old woman to ridiculous security procedures -- berating her for not originally telling them about the gel in her prosthetic breast (there due to her mastectomy because of breast cancer) and then arguing with her because she physically could not lift her arms in the new naked scanners. Reader Joe points out that the CATSA eventually did offer an apology... of sorts. It's not a real apology, in that they don't say they're sorry for what they did. They're just sorry the lady got upset:
"We apologized for not having met her expectations and expressed our regrets for the unpleasant experience, and that doesn't change, regardless of the results of the review."
So they're not sorry for the actions. They're sorry she expected more from them. How nice. Separately, the article points out that the CATSA will not reveal publicly what their investigation into the matter finds, meaning it doesn't really matter what the investigation finds. They also won't reveal the CCTV tapes -- which could make sense on privacy grounds, but also sounds like they perhaps don't want people seeing what actually happened.

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  1. identicon
    Pete Austin, 19 Jan 2011 @ 9:18am

    Posting after an Epic Troll

    @Dark Helmet. Exactly!

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