by Mike Masnick

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Patrick Leahy Says TSA Scanners Are Invasive; Will Investigate Them

from the well-that's-a-start dept

We've had plenty of problems with Senator Patrick Leahy on this blog, as his push is to always make intellectual property laws worse, such as with ProIP and now COICA. However, sometimes he does things that deserve kudos, such as his plan to investigate the TSA's new scanners, calling them "invasive." Leahy apparently wants the Senate Judiciary Committee (which he heads) to examine whether or not the machines really make sense. Of course, perhaps we should withhold any kudos until we find out what comes out of that "review..."

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    velox (profile), 18 Jan 2011 @ 10:31pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Senators Response

    Huh??? Rose, You complain that your letters to your rep get a non-useful response which neither promise to consider your comments or even state that your comments matter. I've just told you the process by which that happens. You have gotten the form letter which is sent out with pleasing language of which the chief attribute is that it says nothing specific. Their staff can send the same letter to countless other people, and the rep doesn't even bother with it.

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