82-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Demands Apology From Airport Security Over Screening

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This isn't a TSA story, since it takes place up in Canada, but it involves the Canadian equivalent, who apparently had a bit of trouble dealing with an 82-year-old woman who had a (gel-filled) prosthetic breast to replace the one she lost in a mastectomy due to breast cancer. By failing to alert them to this "gel" on her body, she was later accused of lying to officials. She was also put through one of the lovely new full body scanner machines, in which passengers are required to lift their hands above their head. The problem? This woman is no longer able to do so. Rather than understanding this, security officials told her she had to. She then tried to lift her left arm with her right arm, and again security told her she was not allowed to do that. At this point she broke down and started crying. Eventually, security did let her get on the plane, but you have to ask what exactly they accomplished here in embarrassing this woman and making her cry.

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    Marcus Carab (profile), 17 Jan 2011 @ 10:45am

    Re: Re: Re:

    I don't see why the first thing a cancer survivor would think when flying is "what about the gel in my body" - she did disclose it when it occurred to her, but can you honestly say you are sure that a breast implant would cross your mind when a guard asked you if you were carrying any liquids or gels? It's been part of her damn body for years. Do you ever stop and warn security that your bladder is full?

    And why would an 82-year-old woman need a doctors note to tell everyone around her that she's fucking 82 years old and probably a little more frail and a little less flexible than the rest of us?

    Hey, old man taking forever to cross the street! Show me your doctor's note for that cane or else I'm running you down!

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