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Since we started doing these DailyDirt posts, we've seen some interesting links in the comments from various astute readers. So here, we've collected a few of them that just shouldn't stay buried in a comment thread. And if you'd like to suggest links for future DailyDirt posts -- feel free to submit your own comment with a nice little url.
  • Here's a 3D plastic printer that can self-replicate. The software is freely available, and there's a growing group of enthusiasts working on it. [url] from modplan.
  • If you're looking for a unique wedding ring, there's one that acts like a vinyl record. The ring has a 20-second recorded message engraved on it. [url] from an Anonymous Coward.
  • Wanna meet up with other hackers in your area? There's a website for that. It's a wiki for hackers to congregate and collaborate. [url] from chris.
  • There could be a remedy for arthritis derived from bee sting venom. The "natural" bee sting therapy of getting stung hundreds of times doesn't sound too appealing, though. [url] from another Anonymous Coward.

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    1. icon
      Marcel de Jong (profile), 15 Jan 2011 @ 5:03am

      About the hacker meetups

      There is one more, often overlapping the groups of the hackerspaces. Every first Friday of the month there are 2600 meetups all over the globe.


      If you're interested, go there and join the conversation.

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