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Since we started doing these DailyDirt posts, we've seen some interesting links in the comments from various astute readers. So here, we've collected a few of them that just shouldn't stay buried in a comment thread. And if you'd like to suggest links for future DailyDirt posts -- feel free to submit your own comment with a nice little url.
  • Here's a 3D plastic printer that can self-replicate. The software is freely available, and there's a growing group of enthusiasts working on it. [url] from modplan.
  • If you're looking for a unique wedding ring, there's one that acts like a vinyl record. The ring has a 20-second recorded message engraved on it. [url] from an Anonymous Coward.
  • Wanna meet up with other hackers in your area? There's a website for that. It's a wiki for hackers to congregate and collaborate. [url] from chris.
  • There could be a remedy for arthritis derived from bee sting venom. The "natural" bee sting therapy of getting stung hundreds of times doesn't sound too appealing, though. [url] from another Anonymous Coward.
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      Michael Ho (profile), 15 Jan 2011 @ 11:59am

      Re: Re: 3D Printer

      I think PanaMarketer means that he wants a 3D printer that can print out processors/graphics cards/hard drives/etc... That would be cool, and I think there are researchers working on very simple printed circuit boards -- but not full "computers"....

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