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Not too many people enjoy going to the dentist -- which probably feeds into the urban legend that dentists have the highest suicide rates. But there may be a few dental developments that'll make going to the dentist a bit less scary. Being fastidious about flossing is a virtue, but for the rest of us who aren't so diligent, technology might help us out. Here are a few stories that might lead to better dental health.
  • Disrupting the enzyme responsible for plaque sticking to teeth could help eliminate cavities. So far, though, various inhibitors for glucansucrase have also blocked amylase in saliva -- which helps to digest starch. But maybe some folks might like not being able to digest starch? [url]
  • Stem cells from wisdom teeth could be useful to grow replacement teeth. So maybe kids in the future will be preserving their teeth instead of dealing with the tooth fairy. [url]
  • With some nifty freezing equipment, you could preserve your wisdom teeth for a couple decades. It's sorta like Futurama -- but only one organ at a time. [url]

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