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Hindsight makes it easy to criticize decisions that were made that, in retrospect, seem foolish. The word 'tsunami' was coined by the Japanese, and yet a nuclear power plant apparently wasn't designed to fully withstand one (and an associated earthquake). Lots of folks have asked: "How could they not see this coming?" But it's not that simple, and a nuclear power plant isn't the only energy facility that can devastate the environment. Let's not forget the BP Oil Spill. As a reminder, here are some interesting links about the Gulf of Mexico and the still-unfolding aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

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    a-dub (profile), 17 Mar 2011 @ 7:13am

    I live in Louisiana, about an hour from the gulf and it is alive but not well. I personally wouldn't touch gulf seafood, especially the oysters. BP has agreed to finance a $30 million campaign to promote Louisiana seafood, but I cant help but wonder what chemicals are in the seafood at this point. So many shrimpers take their catch directly to a restaurant or to a street corner or empty parking lot to sell by the pound. There's no regulation or testing done to these shrimp. Often there is no paperwork documenting the catch and that's why so many fisherman received $0 from BP. They make a living fishing but its cash only. If they arent paying taxes, they sure as hell arent getting their catch tested nor are they documenting where the catch came from.

    To be fair, this isnt true of every fisherman, but it happens enough for it to be common knowledge and generally accepted.

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