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Judge Blocks Gov't From Upgrading Email System To Microsoft In Google Lawsuit

from the suing-the-government dept

Back in November, we were one of the first to report that Google had sued the US government after the Department of the Interior had put out a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for an upgraded email system that stated upfront that the solution had to be based on Microsoft. Google, who had been talking to the Interior Department about using its own solution, had received promises that the RFQ would not be biased towards Microsoft -- and thus were shocked when it wasn't just biased towards Microsoft, but restricted only to Microsoft.

In the first phase of the lawsuit, it appears that Google has made a compelling enough case that the judge has issued an injunction, preventing the DOI from moving forward with the email upgrade. The LA Times headline and opening graf is a bit hyperbolic concerning this "victory." Google certainly hasn't won the lawsuit, and it's hardly a "major victory" at this point, but it at least suggests that the judge finds Google's basic claims credible. DOI can try to rewrite its RFQ to get out of the lawsuit or it can protest the injunction and the lawsuit will continue.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 6 Jan 2011 @ 6:04pm

    Oh NO not Google... not an advertising company, trying to flog software !!!..

    Once company is a professional software vendor, with massive experience in the PC industry, for many many years.

    Clearly leading the field.

    The OTHER company, is an advertising company, with no depth or real experience in providing software products, support, upkeep, security and so on.

    If you want to buy a car, or 10,000 cars, are you going to buy it off 'modern motor magazing' or are you going to go to a company like GM, or Toyota, or Ford ?

    Google has no track record for the development and deployment of applications and software systems to clients.

    It is clear also that Microsoft, due to their market leadership is far more capable of the development, support and success of a large project.

    Sure googles does search ok, it does advertising even better, but search engines and advertising are not 'real' software, and google is not regestered as a company that creates and sells software as a business.

    To gain a contract like that, you not only have to meet the basic requirements of the contract, but you also have to show you're ability to do the job, from present and past experience.

    You also have to show you have the capabilities of providing the necessary level of technical support to keep the service working.

    Google does not have a good reputation in software development, support, or major application rollouts.

    MS has massive experience in those area's, and it will be a real shame if the court forces the Government to choose something that is second rate.

    It might be some of the reason why the US is in so much trouble financially right now.

    They waste money, hand over fist, with things, that for most people is a no brainer.

    I would have rejected them as well, as most would, without even thinking.

    Just saying you can deliver something, does not mean you are capable of it, and it certainly does not show you have a track record of being able to make such a project work !!.

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