Apple Patents Rotary iPhone

from the there's-no-app-for-prior-art? dept

theodp writes "It took almost five years, but Apple now has a patent for its Telephone Interface for a Portable Communication Device, which essentially uses an iPod click wheel to emulate an old-school rotary phone dialer. The nine listed inventors of the Rotary iPhone include Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Guess the USPTO couldn't find any prior art for using a wheel interface to spit out numbers and letters!"

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  1. identicon
    Freedom, 6 Jan 2011 @ 9:53am

    Patent for "Magic"

    Yes, but on the iPhone you have "magic" that makes it work ...

    Seriously, if this is something that gets a patent, the patent office and defenders have lost all their moral standing.

    So let me see if I understand how this works, take something that already is common place, do it on the iPhone and get a patent? So does that mean if I wipe my a** with an iPhone, I can get a patent on that now as well? Hell, I'm pretty sure their isn't any publicly available prior-art to me wiping my a** so I might even have a better patent application ...


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