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by Mike Masnick

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Guy Sues Both Wikipedia & Wikileaks To Get 'His Side Of The Story' Told

from the unclear-on-the-concept dept

Ah, the ridiculous and silly pro se lawsuits... Eric Goldman points us to one of these crazy lawsuits that will be dismissed quite quickly, from a guy suing both Wikipedia and Wikileaks, demanding that both companies tell his side of "the story." The guy claims that false information has been distributed concerning his own responsibility in someone else's death, and he hopes to set the record straight. Within the lawsuit, the guy claims that:
"The real story is a such a hoot it someday will be told."
That may be true, but it won't be told due to Wikipedia and/or Wikileaks being forced to tell it via this lawsuit. The guy doesn't even seem to attempt to explain what either Wikipedia or Wikileaks have to do with his side of the story or under what claims he's suing. He just wants his story told. Perhaps someone should let him know he can just set up his own website.

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