by Mike Masnick

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EU's Main ACTA Supporter Caught Lying About ACTA

from the and-this-shocks-anyone? dept

As a few folks have submitted, EU Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht -- the main EU politician backing ACTA -- has been caught lying about ACTA. As you may recall, the EU Parliament was quite skeptical of ACTA for quite some time. However, De Gucht convinced the EU Parliament to support ACTA by claiming nothing in ACTA would impact penal enforcement of intellectual property rules, suggesting that it fully complied with existing rules. The only problem? Well, this was a lie. But it was a lie of omission. De Gucht has now admitted that some countries may have to change their local laws to comply with ACTA, but tried to defend the earlier statements by saying since there are no uniform EU rules on penal enforcement for IP, it was technically correct that no changes were required to the EU-wide rules. That seems... disingenuous, at best.

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    Hephaestus (profile), 23 Dec 2010 @ 8:09am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Evil Europe!!!

    "In Mike's defense, Europe does kinda suck. Now get back under your bridge, troll!"

    You need a better lead up to the troll piece ...

    When I was in spain last summer I saw a whole lot of interesting architecture left over from the roman era. One in particular struck me as something you would find very homey. It was a roman arch running over a small river, and best off all its for sale, it does have one problem though it over looks an abandoned CD pressing factory ...

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